afrose fatima ahmed is a hybrid Texan-Washingtonian who writes on city streets and at the tops of evergreens. she holds an M.A. in Asian Studies from the University of Texas and is a VONA alumna.

she released her first poetry chapbook, he won’t dance with me, in December 2013. she is currently working on her next collection of poems entitled blood gold and honey, which are a few of her favorite things, and takes the shape of a fictional tarot deck.

afrose climbs in her spare time, in order to gain perspective.



You can hear afrose reading selections from her chapbook on SoundCloud.



  1. Hi. About a year ago, I received a gift of one of your poems from my girlfriend. Before I had a chance to put it in a frame, my son got some oil on it and stained it. I am wondering if you could recreate it for me using the same typewriter, paper (or something close to it) and size of paper? I scanned the poem and can send it to you via email or upload it to a designated place. I will pay you for your troubles and shipping. Thanks, Cory Ann.

  2. something drew me to you today. I amaze myself sometimes by approaching people of your spirit. The shyness washes away Tear of joy are left .You wrote a poem of your first impression of me that was in the center of the target and, again I was stunned that I approached you. why, who knows but you have a beautiful something or other ( trying to stay away from labels ) surrounding you. Its peaceful ,yet intense. But not so intense that I couldn’t approach you. Thank you ,Afrose, James

  3. I met you yesterday at the Seattle Center. You wrote me a poem about Family. Thank you so much. I love how you beautifully summarized what Family truly is.

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